Some Suggestions From Loon Call Retreat...




Review your day in a journal

Write down concerns in your journal and then let them go - allow the ideas to percolate and trust that your mind will present you with solutions in the morning.

Write out 5-10 things that you are grateful for- remember the 3:1 ratio (3 positive thoughts for every one negative thought - this creates the tipping point for us to flourish rather than languish). You are ending your day reflecting on the positive.

Complete an evening yoga class to help gear down and move into zen.  Choose one from our site or another of your favourites.

Listen to one of our recordings that promote relaxation 

Spend 5-10 minutes engaged in mindful breath counting

Create a bedtime ritual that promotes self-care and self-love such as having a cup of herbal tea in your favourite mug and/or wear  your favourite comfy socks

Feel free to share some of your own ideas! Email us!


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