Book recommendations

Finding Your Purpose and Passion


The Artist's Way - Julia Cameron


This book is a catalyst in teaching  about well-being and trusting the creative process.


The Celestine Prophecy - 

James Redfield


This book looks at the world through the exchange of energy.  It helps shift paradigms to encompass a bigger collective unconsciousness and how we are all connected.


Finding Your Own North Star   - Martha Beck


This book points to believing in dreams and finding your life’s purpose.


Sacred Contracts - 

Caroline Myss

This book helps define what is your greater life's purpose.


The Tipping Point - 

Malcolm Gladwell

This book makes you see the world in a different way and how to harness and fuel energy into something meaningful.


Recommendations for Parents and Educators


Lost At School - 

Ross Greene

This book supports working with people, especially children, in a proactive and collaborative way that results in learning and growing from mistakes.


Kids Are Worth It - 

Barbara Coloroso

This book shaped my view on how to work with children to help empower them to be responsible, resourceful and caring individuals. 


Finding Your Purpose


The Element - 

Ken Robinson

This book is about finding your passion and believing in your dreams.


The Glass Castle - 

Jeannette Walls

This is a great autobiography that is authentic and honest. It shares the author’s journey of resiliency and success.  It is both heartbreaking and inspiring.


Red - 

Michael Hall

This is a children’s book about discovering your own passion, talents and believing in yourself. It is very inspirational to children and adults.