Meet Your Hostess...

I am thrilled you are giving yourself the gift of self discovery ~ time to renew, rejuvenate and dream. The Loon Call Retreat is a wellness destination that uses yoga, mindfulness, nature and positive psychology to chart your course.


My name is Laurie, I will be your yoga teacher and facilitator during your weekend at Loon Call Retreat, where you will find all the comforts of home.  I am proud to share my space with you, I will ensure that your stay will leave you refreshed and your imagination ignited .


Together we will practice yoga, mindfulness, share meals, socialize, and experience the four-step appreciative inquiry process in order to help reignite dreams.


I love to travel, Loon Call Retreat is a fusion of my family's time spent living in Thailand and the quintessential Canadian weekend getaway.  The call of the loon and the tranquility of Otty lake provide a perfect backdrop.


I began my self-discovery journey 30 years ago, after a year at university in the sciences. I re-evaluated my desires and goals and found myself completing a degree in Drama in Education. This is where I was first introduced to yoga and the power of mindfulness. I completed my yoga certification in 2015 after my time exploring the beauty of Asia.


I have spent more than twenty years working in education as a teacher and administrator.  My passion for collaborative leadership has fueled my energy to create space for people to come and discover their own dreams and establish a plan to achieve them.


Recently, I completed a Master’s degree of Education in Leadership with an emphasis on Mental Health, in addition to earning a certificate to teach Mindfulness through Mindful Schools.  


I find creative energy in the dramatic arts, I have extensive experience performing, directing and teaching drama. Drama in Education opened my mind and strengthened my resolve to try to make the world a better place.  I have come to learn that process is more important than product and that happiness is a life long endeavour.


The way to make the world a better place is by having people in it who are happy and content with their life, inspite of the messiness of living.   I like to see people empowered  and developing healthy relationships with themselves and others.


One of my greatest joys is being able to appreciate what someone has within them - their true self, to help them find and release their creative energy and voice.  I love life, people, adventure, and cultivating authentic grit and resiliency.  


Your entire retreat experience has been planned for you, I will look after all the details, however all activities can be optional. Loon Call Retreat is the perfect place to celebrate a milestone, relax with friends and family or to get away on your own.

Your weekend at Loon Call Retreat will be full but not rushed.  

The loon call beckons...