Canadian Inspiration

Great Canadian quotes to spark inspiration and personal mantras.

1.   “The purpose of art is not the release of a momentary ejection of adrenaline but is, rather, the gradual, lifelong construction of a state of wonder and serenity.” – Glenn Gould, late pianist

possible mantra: Lifelong state of wonder and serenity

2.   “Even before you’ve earned it, treat yourself and your career with the level of respect that you hope to one day deserve.” – Catherine O’Hara, actress

possible mantra: Treat yourself with respect

 3.   “Baking for me is like kitchen yoga: it’s what I do to relax.” – Anna Olson, chef and television personality

possible mantra: ______ for me is like ________ yoga: it’s what I do to relax

4.   My old mentor once told me: if you find yourself too comfortable, move.” – Victor Garber, actor

possible mantra: Move

5.   “Make more time for yourself: simplify, unplug and really focus on living in the present.” – Karen Kain, retired ballet dancer

possible mantra: Simplify, unplug and live in the present

6.   “It’s difficult to learn from success. I’ve learned more from my mistakes.” – Louise Penny, author

possible mantra: I learn from my mistakes

7.   “If you’re going to get out there and not be prepared to fail, you’re missing out in life. Failure is half the fun.” – Jann Arden, singer-songwriter

possible mantra: Failure is half the fun

8.   “Exploration is not something you retire from. It is a part of one’s life ethic.” – Roberta Bondar, astronaut and neurologist

possible mantra: Exploration and learning are lifelong companions

9.    “We shouldn’t forget to be happy about celebrating who we are and what we’d like to become.” – Julie Payette, Governor General of Canada and astronaut 

possible mantra: Celebrate who you are

10. “We limit what we set out to do by what we convince ourselves is realistic. But I believe in possibilities, and sometimes we have to redefine what is realistic.” – Heather Moyse, athlete

 possible mantra: I believe in possibilities

11.“I’m sorry I live in the greatest country in the world. I’m sorry! I’m sorry, but Canadians apologize so much because we know we’re the greatest. Sorry!” – Dan Aykroyd, actor

possible mantra: I live in the greatest country (even if it is not Canada!)